Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire

Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire

Arboricultural Survey Brierley YorkshireHere at Longleaf Tree and Woodland Consultancy, we are an independent arboricultural practice, specialising in tree management for public & private sectors. Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire.

Trees are very beneficial to both the environment, the ecosystem, and the economy, but they can sometimes be dangerous and present threats to human safety, public health, and the proper structuring of buildings. Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire assist in the assessment of these risks and set plans to mitigate these risks or limit damage while still placing priority on the health of the trees in consideration.

By reading this article, you will understand what it is, reasons for it, and other important things you need to know. Want to know more? Keep reading.

What Is It?

An Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire is a type of survey that is specialized in assisting homeowners and housing managers in the promotion of healthy trees on their site. They also help in the planning process and ensures that trees are preserved when there is any form of development.

It is important to consider the presence of trees either on a development site or close to a development site in the early stages of development, so as to meet the planning requirements. The UK BS5837 helps to guide the decision making process that has to do with trees when concerned with development. Also, safety, health, and conditions of trees are checked so that there is no risk posed. 

Furthermore, it helps to provide assurance to property owners by noting the risk that trees close to the property or on the property may present.

What Are The Reasons For Requiring the Survey?

Consent For Planning

Before any development is carried out on a site or property, the presence of trees on that site or in any area in close proximity to that site must be taken into account and planned accordingly. The survey will help determine which of the trees can be retained,  and which can be felled so that the site developers can remain within the guidelines to help attain permission for planning.

For Sake Of Subsidence

The services can be hired if you suspect that the roots of the trees are affecting your property. Trees can affect property foundation, including fences and houses, either by application of brute force, or by changing the quantity of soil moisture below the foundation of the property.

For Sake Of Personal Safety

Professional Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire assist homeowners and estate managers in determining the amount of risk their trees could potentially pose to the public, or other surrounding properties. It is even more crucial to assess older trees because they are at higher risks of causing property damage.

For The Purpose Of Mortgage

In certain areas, mortgage lenders demand that owners of properties perform professional surveys, in addition to other important standard surveys, to help determine the longevity of the property. It is common for trees to pose safety and security threats to the occupants which can lower the value of the property.


They are important for both the promotion of healthy, sustainable trees and property or site development. Some of the reasons for requiring Arboricultural Survey Brierley Yorkshire include; for the sake of subsidence, to acquire consent for planning, for the sake of personal safety, and for the purpose of mortgage.